Equipment for 梅高美集团’s


unique systems approach

Equipment technology

Production systems for the plating industry

Quick facts

  • Complete engineering package for automatic rack and barrel plating lines (tanks, transporters, control system, dosing, periphery)
  • Auxiliary equipment for decorative, zinc, hard chrome and electroless nickel plating
  • Support for purchasing, manufacturing, installation, initial operation and start of production
  • Concepts for refurbishment of existing plating lines and upgrading of control systems


  • Rack plating and barrel plating lines for surface finishing applications
  • Production solutions for decorative electroplating, plating on plastics, zinc electroplating, hard chrome electroplating, electroless nickel plating

Contributing to a sustainable production

For 60 years 梅高美集团 has designed and produced systems for the plating industry at the 梅高美集团 site in Feucht close to Nuremberg (Germany) and since 2003 also in Guangzhou (China). Chemical and equipment engineers work closely together to assure the compatibility of chemical processes and lines. 梅高美集团’s equipment technology contributes to minimize energy consumption e.g. with optimized exhaust air system and wastewater reduction, efficient pumps and motors, in combination with control system intelligence.

A team of 梅高美集团 equipment and process specialists audits existing plating systems and develops proposals to optimize throughput, automation and quality. Based on the diverse production requirements and conditions, our experts set up tailor-made consulting packages including training, a hotline, service and maintenance support and a high availability of spare parts.

Optimizing production conditions

A perfect finish is based on the right plating solution. 梅高美集团 offers equipment perfectly adapted to chemistry processes from the 梅高美集团 product range – versatile combinations that ensure high productivity, optimum process performance and a consistent high quality.

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