Take care of the important things

We are committed to human rights。 This is underscored by our management and our daily interactions with each other and the people with whom we do business。 Our internal vice President of Human Resources, Chief Operating Officer, and Vice President and Group General Counsel, who are responsible for overseeing employee and specific monitoring of worker human rights issues, share responsibility for overseeing the application of our human rights policies in our relationships with third party suppliers。

"At Ammet, we promote and celebrate a culture of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity。 We live our values every day as part of interacting with each other and the people we do business with。”

Daniel Wan
Vice President of Human Resources, Ammet Group


Our global workforce consists of 52 nationalities (2020)


21 senior management posts with different nationalities (2020)


11% of the top 80 senior management positions are women, representing 25% of the workforce (2020)

"Safety first is a core value that we uphold and nurture every day。 Therefore, we have a clear goal: zero accidents。”

Joice Furiatti
Ammet, director of HSEQ-S Brazil