Compliance is our guiding principle

Our governance objectives

Ammet's corporate governance goal is to transparently meet the highest standards of responsible governance and business ethics。 Our code of conduct applies to everyone at Ammet, including employees, supervisors, executive management and board members。 In addition, we expect third parties with whom we do business (including suppliers, distributors, contractors, customers and agents) to act in a manner consistent with the principles and values of our Code。 We expect employees who work with third parties to hold them accountable to our standards。

Our greatest asset to ensure compliance is you!

We support you in reporting compliance issues:

To further support our compliance efforts, we trust the thoughtfulness of everyone around us。 Our goal is to identify any potential risks in advance so as to avoid harm to the company, our employees, our partners and customers。 If employees and partners suspect any non-compliance, we provide them with every opportunity to comment。 Please use any of the options below to inform us。 All information will be highly confidential and can be provided anonymously。

Thank you very much for your support!

Whistleblowing Hotline (optionally provided anonymously)
Making calls (Global Compliance Team)

电话: +49 30 349 85 1652

Sending letters (Global Compliance Team)

Postal Address:

梅高美集团 Deutschland GmbH

"梅高美集团 around"

Erasmusstr. 20

10553 Berlin, Germany



Lawyer (provided on condition of anonymity)

Postal Address:


Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

"梅高美集团 around"

And then to decide Kurfurstenstra e 72-74

10787 Berlin, Germany



"At Ammett, compliance is Paramount and central to everything we do。 Our goal is to ensure complete transparency for our employees, customers, suppliers and partners。”

Marc Gloeckner-Kaiser
Head of Integrity and Compliance, Ammet Group