Anticorrosive and wear-resistant coating system

Functional chrome plating Chemical nickel coating

Wear resistance coating

Excellent functional chemical process

The resources

  • A comprehensive range of hard chromium and chemical nickel products
  • Chromium for hard chromium plating, fog suppressants, pre - and post-treatment products
  • Chemical nickel products are complete, covering high and low phosphorus content plating, composite plating, pre treatment and post treatment products
  • DynaChrome®, a leading production system for hard chrome plating of automotive shock absorbers, and EDEN®, an electrodialysis chemical nickel purification system for the chemical nickel deposition process, complete the product range.


  • Automotive industry applications such as fuel injection tubing, pistons, shock absorbers, piston rings, carburetors, fuel pumps, sliding forks
  • Oil and gas industry applications, such as ball valves, drilling components, tubular assemblies, cable connectors, gate valves
  • Applications in heavy machinery, consumer electronics and food industries

DynaChrome® Plus

Advanced system for electroplating hard chrome for shock rod applications


Our DynaChrome® The Plus system is a combined system in which equipment and chemicals are adjusted and complementary to each other to ensure optimum production performance。The DynaChrome® Plus system is used to electroplate hard chromium for shock absorption rods. It is characterized by high productivity, excellent electroplating quality and flexible operation, as well as environmental protection, energy saving and high economic benefits。

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Electrodialysis chemical nickel purification system

EDEN® is designed to regenerate chemical nickel plating solutions. EDEN® is cleaned by continuous removal of by-products from the bath.
EDEN® keeps the bath components within specified limits to ensure consistent coating quality over the potentially infinite life of the bath.

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