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  • High performance surface pretreatment process for the surface treatment industry
  • Wide range of applications, used for oil removal, coarsening, activation, pickling, metal deplating and aluminum alloy treatment
  • Economic and environmental protection products


  • Ammett's pre-treatment systems meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including automotive, sanitary, fastener, electrical and construction
  • Remove dirt, oils, waxes, polishing/polishing compounds, oxides, discoloration, stains, fingerprints, lubricants and inhibitors
  • Pretreatment solutions for most metal substrates including steel, iron, copper, copper alloys, zinc, zinc alloys, aluminum alloys and nickel

Product and process flow

Soak cleaner
 sanitary soak cleaner

Features and Advantages

Hot dip deoiling is usually the first cleaning procedure for workpiece processing or coating。All kinds of hot dip oil remover of Ammette are emulsified, repellent, targeted and other characteristics, and can be compatible with the dirt and residue left in the workpiece forming and manufacturing process, to ensure the appropriate surface state of the workpiece, for the subsequent process preparation。

  • UniClean® 100 Series:A variety of liquid and powder hot dip oil remover products customized for various substrates, dirt and applications in the surface finishing industry
  • Tri - Max ® LSC series:Liquid products, combined with TRI-Max ®Base LC-B, realize automatic process control
  • Chemproclean:A concentrated detergent product mixed with a cleaning agent for cleaning steel substrates
 Electroplating CRC

Features and Advantages

Electrolysis oil produces bubbles by electrolysis to enhance the cleaning effect of metal workpiece。Ammett's range of anodic, cathodic and exchange polarity electrodeoiling agents is ideal for the removal of scale, oxide and rust, as well as residue after hot dip oil removal, to facilitate the preparation of suitable surface conditions for subsequent electroplating or processing prior to plating or coating。

  • UniClean® 200 Series: A wide range of liquid and powder oil remover products are customized for various substrates, sludges, grime, oxides, scales and applications in the surface finishing industry
  • Tri-max ® LEC series:  Liquid products, combined with TRI-Max Base LC-B, realize automatic process control
  • Nonacid ® 701: It is a multi-purpose electric deoiling agent, hot dip deoiling agent and activator for iron base material
Pickling additives
CRC pretreatment

Features and Advantages

A common procedure for cleaning metal workpieces, especially those that have been processed, welded, or heat treated, is to soak them in strong acid to soften scale and oxide, as well as other residues, before subsequent cleaning steps, such as electric oil removal。Ammett's pickling additives help improve the efficiency and speed of the pickling process while reducing surface erosion and the effect of hydrogen on the substrate。

  • UniClean® 500 Series: A range of liquid pickling additives are used in combination with mineral acids such as hydrochloric and sulphuric acid to prepare suitable surface states for the next process, usually applied to stainless steel
  • Pickling additive 4090 SM: A vacuolar inhibitor for steel used in pickling tanks
Acid cleaner, activator
Activator deco

Features and Advantages

Acid degreasing agents and activators are usually used after alkaline hot dip or electric degreasing steps to give the workpiece surface sufficient activity to ensure optimal adhesion and quality for subsequent plating or coating。Ammette's acid degreasing agents and activators are suitable for a wide range of metal substrates and surface coatings to prepare for subsequent plating and coating processes。

  • UniClean® 600 Series: A range of liquid and powder acid oil remover and activator products designed to remove rust and oxides from different substrates and activate them for further processing
  • Actisalt 515: The utility model relates to a powder oxide remover and activator for copper and its alloys and some aluminum alloys
  • Roprepp R Special: An alkaline powder activator for iron substrates, also used for pickling
The plating agent (Strippers)

Features and Advantages

金属退镀剂主要有两种用途;褪去挂具上的镀层和褪去工件上的电镀金属层。Emmett offers immersion and electrolysis solutions that effectively remove common electroplated metals from hangers and minimize erosion of substrates。Ammett has a highly efficient immersion deplating agent that removes common chromium, nickel, phosphor nickel, tin and copper deposits from steel and aluminum substrates。

  • UniStrip® Rackstrip series Electrolytic deplating process for removing copper and nickel and thin chromium layers from stainless steel hangers and contacts as a more efficient and user-friendly alternative to nitric acid deplating
  • UniStrip ® series: Immersion deplating agent for various metals and substrates
  • UniChrome ® 80: An alkaline powder product used for electrolysis of chromium deposits in steel substrates
Aluminium pretreatment (Pretreatment)

Features and Advantages

Due to its unique physical properties, aluminum pretreatment and electroplating require special processes and techniques。Ammett has a long history in aluminium preprocessing and has an extensive portfolio of processes for oil removal, coarsening, zinc precipitation, coloring and sealing for a variety of workpieces made from aluminium alloy substrates

  • UniClean ® 1020: Mild alkaline degreasing agent for aluminum alloys
  • Alumetch ® series: Roughing solution to remove dirt and oxides and to adjust the surface of the aluminum alloy for further processing (e.g. electroplating)
  • Alumseal ® series: Products protected on fresh aluminium surfaces by zinc or similar coating for optimum bonding and for subsequent processing (e.g. electroplating)
  • Alumseal® AD series Products used to seal aluminum surfaces, including for tuning and coloring prior to zinc deposition, or for further processing to achieve a specific surface appearance

"Deoiling and activation are fundamental to all metal surface finishes。Ammett provides leading pretreatment solutions for a wide range of basic materials and applications。”

Neil Patton
Global Product Manager of Ammett, Germany

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