Master Remover ® 7000


Powder coating fast,


Sustainable paint removal technology

Process versatility

Suitable for offline or online as well as spray or immersion applications

Protect the original substrate

No corrosion substrate, no extreme temperature, eliminate excessive stress on parts。
Compatible with precision parts, geometry and aluminum alloys

The environmental protection

Free of organic solvents, NMP and sulfuric acid。
Long life, no discharge pressure。 Low energy consumption, low consumption, low waste generation

Paint remover master
  • Quick removal of powder paint and some electrophoretic paint and wet paint
  • 理想的清理吊钩、机架和夹具清洁的内部工艺;也适用于零件回用。
  • The highest level of process versatility allows for use in spray and immersion applications as well as online or offline applications
  • Unique filtration capabilities support extended solution life and reduced waste generation
  • Simplified operation, slot and add are the same product
  • Protect the original substrate
  • No post cleaning
  • Free of organic solvents, NMP and sulfuric acid
  • Low energy consumption
  • Less maintenance
  • Provides consistent cleaning parts and reduces paint consumption

  • Online to take off the lacquer
  • Building aluminum and furniture coating machine
  • All kinds of hooks, racks, fixtures and parts
  • Precision tools and parts with complex geometry (springs)

Master Remover® 7000

Sustainable paint removal technology

Master Remover ® 7000 is a versatile, single-phase, non-aqueous paint removal process that penetrates and quickly removes powder coatings from steel, cast iron, aluminum and light metal substrates.

Master Remover ® 7000, sprayed or immersed in online or offline applications, breaks the bond between the metal base and the paint coating, leaving clean, ready-available parts that can be repainted and/or reworked。

Master Remover®7000 is easy to control and the most cost-effective operating process。In a closed-loop environment, it shows very fast stripping rates (just a few minutes) and extended service life under high load conditions。Its peeling performance is better than all the traditional paint removal processes on the market。

What motivates us

Why did we develop Master Remover® 7000

Your challenge

Fixtures (skids and clamps) used in paint production lines in automotive assembly plants accumulate paint and require regular removal of paint。Paint removal is usually carried out by mechanical, thermal, and hazardous chemical processes。Each method has disadvantages, including partial corrosion and incomplete paint removal, which are usually performed externally due to its dangers。

Our solution

Our Master Remover®7000 is a unique and truly sustainable paint removal process with many economic, technological and environmental advantages。It is very effective in removing powder coatings from various metal substrates。Our process provides manufacturers with an in-house solution that can be offline or online, meeting performance requirements and environmental regulations。

Master Remover® The product line

Sustainable paint removal technology

Our Master Remover® sustainable paint removal process offers many economic, technological and environmental advantages over traditional paint removal methods。The Master Remover® process effectively removes electrophoretic, wet and powder paints from a wide variety of metal substrates。

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