Master Remover ® 5000


Unique paint removal technology for high value workpiece recovery

Process details

Zero corrosion process specially designed for high value workpiece recovery

Retain the original substrate

A completely corrosion free solution for light metal and zinc surfaces, enabling high value workpiece recovery

Environmentally sound

Easy to recycle normally used for scrap work pieces such as galvanized auto parts, wiper arms and diamond-polished aluminum work pieces

  • High value workpiece recovery
  • Suitable for polishing aluminum workpiece surface with diamond
  • Apply to zinc, galvanized and electrogalvanized surfaces
  • Suitable for mixed metal parts, such as wiper arms, automobile and motorcycle parts
  • Retain the original substrate
  • Eliminates the need for rework, remachining, remelting, replating and polishing
  • Effective removal of a variety of electrophoretic paint, wet paint and powder
  • Unique ability to resist corrosion
  • No surface damage or loss of gloss
  • Free of chloride, NPE, APE and NMP components
  • Do not contain sulfuric acid
  • Single component suitable for operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Greatly reduce the cost of waste


  • A variety of high value and exquisite artifacts
  • Diamond-polished aluminum and zinc surfaces
  • Mix metal parts and parts with complex geometries

Master Remover® 5000

Sustainable paint removal process


Master Remover® The 5000 is a multifunctional, single-phase, non-aqueous, rapid paint removal process that penetrates, removes and dissolves a wide range of coatings。It is specially designed for the recovery of high value workpieces, reducing waste costs。

For soaking applications, Master Remover® Break the bond between the metal base and the coating by dissolving the coating。After removing the paint, leave a clean base material that can be repainted at any time。

Master Remover® 5000 is easy to control and can reduce waste costs by 10 times。It is quick to remove paint (only a few minutes for zinc substrate electrophoresis workpiece), high load capacity。Master Remover® The 5000's zero corrosion paint removal provides a unique experience for today's market。

What motivates us

Why did we develop Master Remover® 5000

Your challenge

High rejection rates can be a burden, especially when a newly designed workpiece or a car comes out with a high standard of fine surfaces。Usually the paint is removed mechanically or the workpiece is scrapped。
Sometimes the use of chemical pints leaves damaged, tarnished or corroded surfaces that need to be reworked before being repainted。

Our solution

Master Remover® The 5000 is a unique zero corrosion paint removal process that provides an economic advantage。It effectively removes a variety of paints from light metal substrates。Our process provides manufacturers with an indoor off-line paint removal solution that meets their performance requirements, making it easy to reprocess defective high-value parts。Master Remover® Suitable for OEMs, primary suppliers, paint shop and semi-finished product suppliers。

Master Remover® product line

Sustainable paint removal technology

Our main remover sustainable paint removal process offers many economic, technological and environmental advantages over traditional paint removal methods。The Master Remover® process effectively removes electrophoretic, wet and powder paints from a wide variety of metal substrates。

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