Master Remover ® 2000 S


Excellent sustainable paint removal process for automotive applications

Process suitability

Can be used for spraying and soaking paint removal, with weak acid, alkaline and neutral pH formula

Does not corrode the base material

Does not corrode the base material,操作温度适中,对工件无应力作用;适用于易损及复杂工件脱漆

Green security

Chloromethane free solvent and sulfuric acid;长效使用,不需倒槽;能耗低,消耗量少及Slag quantity is little

  • Suitable for spraying and soaking
  • It does not hurt the base
  • It is easy to clean after removing paint and can be reworked or used directly
  • Efficient removal of electrophoretic paint, wet paint and powder paint and other coatings
  • The paint removal speed is fast and the paint removal capacity is large
  • Chloromethane free solvent and sulfuric acid
  • Waste residue is easily filtered
  • Slag quantity is little
  • To save water
  • Tank liquid maintenance is simple

  • Car coating line sliding sedan off paint
  • Electrophoresis pendant paint removal
  • Automotive and painting industry fixture/fixture paint stripping
  • Fragile and complex shape of the workpiece such as spring paint

Master Remover® 2000 S

Sustainable paint removal process

Master Remover ® 2000 S 是一种多功能,双相的水基型脱漆工艺,具有弱酸至碱性的配方;在特定的配方条件下,可适用于钢铁、铸铁或铝等基材表面多种油漆及粉漆的脱除。

Master Remover ® 2000 S removes adhesion between metal and organic coatings by spraying or soaking, leaving the surface clean and ready for repainting or rework without additional treatment。

Master Remover ® 2000 S 工艺易控制,操作简单;脱漆速度快,槽液寿命长,脱漆容量大,环保安全;其脱漆效果明显优于传统的脱漆工艺, 适用于多种湿漆及粉漆的脱漆;

What motivates us

Why did we develop Master Remover® 2000 S

Your challenge

In the process of automobile coating production, jig (sliding car and hanger) constantly accumulate paint, which needs to be removed regularly。The typical way to take off paint is to use machinery, high temperature and paint agent containing toxic ingredients, but these ways have a lot of disadvantages, including corrosion of the base material, take off paint is not clean, or because of environmental and safety factors, the need for outsourcing processing。

Our solution

Master Remover® 2000 S 是一种Sustainable paint removal process,具体脱漆成本低、工艺操作简单及环保安全等优势;可高效脱除多种金属基材表面的电泳漆、湿漆、粉漆;该工艺可在工厂内脱漆,并且有时可采用在线脱漆,脱漆效果好且环保安全。

Paint off series products

Sustainable paint removal process

Compared with the traditional paint removal process, our paint removal process has the advantages of low cost, easy operation, environmental protection and safety, and can effectively remove electrophoretic paint, wet paint and powder paint on the surface of a variety of metal substrates。

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