Tailor production solutions to each requirement

Equipment technology

Production systems for electroplating and surface treatment industries

The resources

  • Complete engineering solution for automatic hanging and plating line and rolling line (including: tank, truck, control system, feeding device, auxiliary tools, etc.)
  • Used as auxiliary equipment for decorative electroplating, galvanizing, hard chromium and chemical nickel
  • We will provide technical support in procurement, production, installation, trial production and mass production
  • Concept - Upgrade existing production lines and control systems


  • Can provide hang plating line and roll plating line for surface treatment
  • It can provide solutions for decorative electroplating, plastic electroplating, zinc plating, hard chromium, chemical nickel plating and so on

With more than 60 years of experience in electroplating

For more than 60 years, we have been developing and manufacturing products and supporting production lines for the electroplating industry in Our base in Voischt, Germany (near Nuremberg). Since 2003, this work has also been gradually carried out in Guangzhou。Product and equipment engineers work closely together to ensure process and production line compatibility。
Our equipment technology is always focused on minimizing energy consumption, such as optimizing exhaust systems, reducing waste water generation, improving pump and motor efficiency, combined with intelligent control systems。

Optimizing production conditions

A perfect finish is based on the right plating solution. 梅高美集团 offers equipment perfectly adapted to chemistry processes from the 梅高美集团 product range – versatile combinations that ensure high productivity, optimum process performance and a consistent high quality.

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