Auxiliary equipment for decorative electroplating applications

Achieve greater efficiency in a sustainable way

Environmentally sound

Reduce chemical consumption and prolong bath life


Cost-effectiveness combined with environmental protection

Stable plating quality

Optimize basic process parameters

HELiX®Recovery of nickel ions from washed water

  • Fewer additives
  • The advanced technology of recovering nickel ions from water washing and reusing them in nickel plating solution
  • Less process cost

Increase the efficiency of nickel plating in a sustainable manner

HELiX® (High Efficiency Ion Exchange Device) is a new generation ion exchange system designed to recover nickel ions from water washed with Ammette's semi-optical nickel, optical nickel and microporous nickel processes。It provides advanced nickel recovery technology, which improves efficiency and produces higher concentrations of nickel from washed water。

HELiX® is used in conjunction with a specialized ion-exchange resin to separate nickel ions from water washed。Organic ingredients such as brighteners or wetting agents bypass resins and enter wastewater treatment directly。After the resin is regenerated, a nickel sulfate solution containing almost no organic matter is produced, which is then transported back to the nickel plating solution。This system provides the final nickel sulfate solution with a nickel ion concentration of 85 g/l。

Nikotect® Bath maintenance and recovery system

  • Fewer additives
  • Stable high quality
  • Higher output
  • Less waste water
  • Don't need to dilute

Minimize maintenance requirements for nickel plating processes

Our Nikotect® facility is an advanced bath maintenance and recovery system for semi-gloss nickel, gloss nickel and nickel seal baths。With the aging of bath, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain high quality optical nickel coating。This is due to the decomposition products of the brightener and the accumulation of oils and chemicals introduced in the previous process steps, which degrade the performance of the process。

The Nikotect® equipment continuously removes organic contaminants from nickel plating solutions during manufacturing。The device attaches organic pollutants to resins so they can be easily washed away with a mild alkaline solution。This replaces treatment with carbon, hydrogen peroxide, or potassium permanganate, produces less wastewater, and extends bath life indefinitely。

Satilume® LongLife is applied to the regeneration system of pearl nickel bath

  • Stable high quality
  • Higher output
  • Increase bath life
  • Less waste water

Improve the electroplating quality of pearl nickel

Satilume ® LongLife is a regeneration system that combines our famous Satilume® Plus pearl nickel plating process with advanced filtration and addition equipment。Continuous bath filtration and an optimized, fully automated additive replenishment system help stabilize the process and allow uninterrupted production, increasing production from a few hours to five days without further maintenance。

In addition to ensuring a consistent and stable pearl nickel coating that improves the quality and appearance of the coating, Satilume ® LongLife, a long-acting pearl nickel system, improves the plating capacity of existing production lines, reduces maintenance requirements and reduces rejection rates。

Satilume ® LongLife
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TriChrome®Trivalent chromium ion exchange and bath regeneration equipment

  • Remove metal impurities from trivalent chromium plating solution
  • Increase bath life
  • Fewer byproducts
  • In multi-load mode, the recycled chemicals are more

Control metal impurities in trivalent chromium plating bath

Trivalent Chromium ion exchange equipment is a fully automatic regeneration system used in our trivalent Chromium-Trichrome ® bath。The system uses ion-exchange resins to remove metallic impurities such as copper, nickel, zinc, lead and iron from the bath, and can also be automatically regenerated through an automatic control program。

In addition to being suitable for different solution volumes, trivalent chromium ion exchange equipment can be operated continuously, or in multi-load mode, maximizing resin adsorption efficiency and greatly reducing the need for new recycled chemicals。Therefore, the working life of the bath is greatly extended。

Automated online analysis system

  • Increase bath life
  • Higher output
  • Fewer additives
  • Reducing maintenance
  • Greatly reduce the process cost

Optimization with automatic analysis system

Our on-line analysis system enables fast, simple and direct control of important parameters that affect the quality of electroplating processes。The automated on-line analysis system is easy to implement on existing production lines and enables continuous monitoring of the bath。It also ensures maximum control over the production line by performing a full range of automated analyses, from titration and spectroscopic analysis to conductivity determination。When combined with a replenishing device, the system can also automatically adjust the composition of the bath to extend its service life and maintain a high quality coating。

With timely analysis results, the entire electroplating process can be effectively maintained under stable, optimal conditions, thereby increasing the yield of materials and production。Automated analytical control of process tanks can also reduce overall plating costs by significantly reducing laboratory time。For example, a plastic decorative electroplating line for automobile parts with 14 process steps and 40 parameters requires 17 hours of labor。

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