Corrosion resistant protective layer

Technology leading industry standard

A brief case

  • We offer a full range of electrogalvanizing, zinc alloy and zinc aluminum coated chemicals
  • Numerous OEMs vehicle OEM certification
  • Sustainable solutions
  • A variety of auxiliary equipment to improve product performance


  • Screws, bolts, rivets, fixtures, pins, springs and other fasteners for automotive, construction, oil and gas, and wind industries
  • Automobile brake system and chassis parts

The perfect combination of the two techniques

Excellent corrosion protection

For special applications, Ammett has developed a double-protection finish process that uses a zinc-aluminium coating on a zinc or zinc-nickel coating to achieve excellent corrosion protection, chemical resistance and a durable appearance。

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You know what?

Advanced technology center for Corrosion Protection

In Trebur, Germany, Ammett has spent a lot of money in the past few years to build an advanced research and application center for corrosion protection. The advanced infrastructure ensures that we can more quickly realize the comprehensive research of electrogalvanizing and zinc-aluminum coatings from product development to mass production applications。

Our advanced facilities in Treble, Germany, ensure that we are the industry leader in the development of the next generation of corrosion protection technology and can provide unparalleled technical support to the plating industry.

Auxiliary equipment

Ensure sustainable and efficient production

To highlight our commitment to sustainable development, we offer a range of auxiliary equipment for specific electroplating processes. Ammet's auxiliary equipment is designed to reduce chemical consumption and extend the life of the bath solution, featuring high efficiency, environmental protection and continuous high quality。

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