Ammet's universal metal plating

Product introduction

Provide suitable treatment for each type of surface

In the field of surface treatment, functionality and appearance design are the most important requirements。But we don't want our customers to have to choose one over the other -- our mission is to make sure they have the best product that meets both needs。Our decorative and functional surface treatment solutions are the result of our continuous efforts to develop。We rely on a team of highly skilled experts working in an inspiring professional environment to ensure the best performance of our technology。

Proficient in major industries

Functional and decorative electroplating is used in all major industries to make better products

Ammett offers a perfect complement of processes for every step of decorative and functional surface treatment application -- from pre-treatment to finished product。

There is no doubt that Ammet's technology can be found almost everywhere。Ammett processes are used in many parts of cars, such as trim parts, fasteners, damping bars and brake parts。

As we offer a wide variety of design and functional features, our technology is also used in many other products, such as showers and accessories, washing machines, fashion and jewelry。

As a supplier, we are an invaluable partner for companies seeking functional and decorative solutions in a wide range of industries。


Fixed a

Heavy machinery


Household appliances


Our strength in the auto industry

Understanding the automotive industry

We pay particular attention to the needs and requirements of vehicle manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (Oems) and their suppliers。The technology we provide covers all areas of decorative and functional surface finishing。

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Our automotive industry experts

Let our global team of experts assist you in your business

Our global OEM team serves as a bridge between customers, Oems, suppliers at all levels and Ammet。Serving local OEMS/suppliers at all levels around the world, we can have a clear understanding of the future development of science and technology, and provide customized products and features according to the needs and requirements of the industry。

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Industry recognized choice

Our global automotive industry certification

Ammett processes meet the requirements of a large number of OEMS and are certified by global automobile manufacturers and suppliers at all levels。

Our certification

Our AAA project

Ammette automotive anti-corrosion coating application

A cornerstone of our Automotive services is a worldwide network of certified coating equipment known as 梅高美集团 Automotive Applicators (AAA) program。

Atotech Automotive Applicators

"Our key success factors in becoming the best surface treatment solution partner are customer-focused research and development efforts, close customer relationships and enhanced local services through technology centers -- all with our superior technical expertise。”

Gertjan van der Wal
President, General Metal plating division, Ammet Group

Our technology and service center

Keep customers ahead of the curve

Our global network of technical centers is ready to support customers in their immediate vicinity。Our team of experts provide first-class support and consulting services for every technical requirement。

Our General Hardware electroplating division has established 14 technical centers located in Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Canada, USA and Brazil。

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