Ammette electronics/PRINTED circuit board products

Product introduction

Advanced wet chemical process, production equipment and services

Recognized as a leading innovator in electroplating, we develop, manufacture and market electroplating chemicals and equipment used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, sealers, semiconductors, lead frames and connectors。
Due to the market trends of greater connectivity, higher device functionality, performance and miniaturization, our customers' products are increasingly complex and rely more on advanced technical solutions。

Today, we provide leading level equipment and wet chemical process technology for global manufacturers in the fields of surface treatment, metallization, plating, final finishing, pad metallization, copper column technology, RDL, TSV and Double Damascus plating technology。Our complete horizontal and vertical processes enable us to tap into future growth areas such as next-generation smartphones, electric and autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, 5G, virtual reality and artificial intelligence。

Proficient in major industries

Our solutions bring innovation to a wide range of industries

From advanced mobile devices, computers and consumer electronics, communications infrastructure, automotive and aerospace to medical and industrial -- our advanced technology solutions support all types of electronic components and devices with built-in intelligent functions。This demonstrates not only the range of our technology, but also the diversity of our portfolio of products and industries we serve。

The world's leading manufacturers in the fields of printed circuit boards, sealers, semiconductors, lead frames and connectors all trust our expertise, products, services and innovative technologies。Working directly with customers, Oems and tier 1 suppliers gives us strategic insights into markets, technology trends and future product requirements。It also reinforces our ability to accelerate investment in the right direction to meet growing demand。

A smart phone

Big data infrastructure

Automotive electronics

Consumer electronics

Communication infrastructure

Computer technology

Mobile device solutions

Our chemical process technology and equipment are used to manufacture the most complex and demanding PRINTED circuit boards (soft/hardboard, multilayer, HDI with mSAP technology), sealing boards, semiconductors, lead frames and connectors used in modern advanced mobile devices。

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Automotive Solutions

We pay particular attention to the needs and requirements of vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers。Our products provide wet chemical process technology and equipment,For the manufacture of engine and body control components, powertrains, electromechanical devices, lighting, information and entertainment devices, sensors, radars, cameras, printed circuit boards in ADAS modules (soft/hardboard, multilayer, HDI with mSAP technology), sealing loading plates, semiconductors, lead frames and connectors。

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"With technology at our core, we develop the product processes we need in everyday electronic products -- from the most complex semiconductor components to high-quality, high-density interconnect printed circuit boards。”

Harald Ahnert
President, Electronics division, Ammet Group

Our technology and services

Enable customers to maintain leading positions in all key markets

Our global network of technical centers is ready to provide support services to our nearest customers。Our expert team provides first-class support and consulting services for every technical requirement。

Our electronics division has 12 technical centers located in Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, the United States and Brazil。

Multiplate® P

Our new generation of packaging technology solutions

  • MultiPlate® is an innovative semiconductor-grade electroplating device for the next generation of packaging technology。The MultiPlate® P system is designed specifically for panel-level packaging and is capable of handling panels up to 650 x 610 mm。
  • Innolyte® PLP -- Our RDL and through-hole filling process provides excellent uniformity and alignment and excellent through-hole filling capability。
  • Innolyte® P - Our high purity copper column plating process provides optimal uniformity even at current densities up to 20 A/dm² without cavity formation in IMCs。

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