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At the heart of the knowledge industry, our employees are our real wealth。We are committed to providing an ideal working environment full of creative thinking, entrepreneurship and teamwork。

At Ammet, we value diversity and pride ourselves on building a highly inclusive culture with a diverse team of professionals。

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We are the world leader in highly complex electroplating technology. Our outstanding team and consistent support to our customers around the world are at the heart of our success。Combining the strengths of our global workforce from diverse backgrounds, cultures, skills and experiences, we are confident to tackle and face all challenges。

Employees story

Kathy Lan, corporate culture is the key to success

"Hi, my name is Kathy。

I joined Ammet as a project manager in August 2021 and it is great to see how the company has been so successful against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic。

I quickly realized that the company was well positioned in the promising field of chemicals for the surface treatment industry。 Demand for its products is strong and growing, especially with the help of high-tech manufacturing。 No wonder its financial results are so good!
That was my initial idea for Ammet and its thriving business。 However, I soon realized that there was a more critical reason for Ammet's success: it was because of its culture -- its DNA。 DNA based on respect, openness and support。

"Customer first" is regarded as one of the most important codes of conduct in Ammet。 We respect our customers and build long-term and trusting relationships with them。 In addition, diversity and respect are core values。 We respect our colleagues and partners with diverse cultural backgrounds。 People here are open to different opinions, embrace change and dare to innovate。 Whenever you need help, you will have the support of your superiors and colleagues。 I feel good working at Ammet。”

Kathy Lan, Project Manager, Guangzhou, China

Kyunghun Park, from Clerk to Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific

"Hi, my name is Kyunghun Park, and I'm the cfo for Asia Pacific。

I would like to share with you my 10 years in Ammet Finance Department so far。 I started working there in 2011 as a finance department employee and never got bored。 While some people may not think accounting sounds like fun, it seems to me that accounting is exciting and demanding -- especially at Ammet。

Ammet's finance/monitoring constantly faced new challenges and tasks, which gave me the opportunity to develop myself。 I learned at Ammet how to focus on work and make a positive difference。 Ammett guided me to become a top expert by improving my financial knowledge。

Most importantly, the flexible work environment did not lock me in one country, but allowed me to broaden my horizons and expand my capabilities through regional and global responsibilities。 As a Finance director in Korea, I have been to Japan and Germany。 Now, I'm in charge of finance in the Asia Pacific region, working with a very diverse group of colleagues on issues related to finance in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand。

All in all, Ammett helps me grow as a person, constantly motivates me, and gives me the opportunity to grow and challenge myself -- all of which make me feel like a valuable member of the Ammett family。 If you have a positive attitude, bold ideas and are willing to accept challenges, Ammet will set the stage for you。”

Kyunghun Park Kyunghun Park is chief Financial Officer for The Asia Pacific region in Seoul, South Korea

Laure Bayet, from Process Development in France to Application Manager in the United States

"Hi, I'm Laure.
My journey to Ammet began in France in 2005。I will soon have the opportunity to move temporarily to the United States as a paint Removal Product Specialist for the Global Product team, Paint Treatment Technology (" PST ")。

Little did I know I'd still be here 15 years later!

By providing the necessary training and guidance to explore new areas of expertise, Ammett has helped me thrive and expand my horizons within the American Paint Finish Technology (PST) team。

Through my various roles, I've had the rare opportunity to travel around the world, work with colleagues of different ethnicities, learn some language skills, and discover radically different cultures。

Working at Ammet, I am constantly challenged to further improve my knowledge as our teams are exposed to changing customer needs around the world and we are committed to providing them with the best possible solutions。

Ammett's commitment to providing world-class customer service sets it apart in the industry and makes me proud to be part of such a team。”

Laure Bayet, Rock Hill, USA -- PST Application Manager

Monoswita Saikia, embracing change is part of the amazing adventure

"Hi, I'm Monoswita,
I started working in Ammet in 2017 as soon as I graduated。 Over the past few years at Ammet, I have worked in different business functions, such as applications and R&D。 Currently, I am a development engineer in the r&d department of wear resistant coating/functional chrome plating。

It was a fantastic adventure from the start。 The culture promotes growth and learning。 Our contribution is reflected in our achievements and milestones。 It's very satisfying to see how we contribute to the overall goals of the company by achieving our personal goals。

I started out in Bangalore at the R&D Technology Center。 I am now a member of the Ammet Development Centre (" ADC "), a world-class facility in Manesar。 My experience has been nothing more than an exponential learning curve。 It's relatively easy for me to embrace change, adapt to new trends and technologies, and implement different skills。 Ammett appreciates employees in a variety of ways -- offering bonuses, raises, promotions, and achievement certificates to encourage employees。

I am proud to say that we not only provide value to our customers through best-in-class solutions, but also have a positive impact on all the lives we touch。“

Monoswita Saikia, Functional Chrome Development Engineer -- Ammet India R&D Center

Ruud van den Boom, from materials science in the US to management positions in India and beyond
"Hi, my name is Ruud!

After completing my studies in Europe and the US, I joined Ammet in 2009 as part of the US semiconductor team。Initially I worked in materials science and received corporate and external management training, which enabled me to assume leadership roles。I moved from the US to Ammet headquarters in Berlin to the Ammet Development Center in India (" ADC ")。My work there allowed me to lead a larger local organization, work with sites with electroplating lines, and see cultures that were very different from those in the Netherlands, The United States and Germany。One of the most important lessons I've learned over the years in different countries is that there are many ways to solve a problem。有些直截了当,有些则较曲折;有些人令人相处舒服,有些人则令人感到完全陌生;但达到目标的正确方法总是不止一个。因此,我们在安美特的多样性是一个巨大的优势;如果我们倾听并尊重彼此的意见,我们将永远有不同的选择。

My stay in India was cut short a bit due to the pandemic, so I'm still waiting to see the whole team and the new state-of-the-art facility in action。 Can't wait to visit again。 I have been working at the Global Technology Center since 2020, and my experience with anti-corrosion coatings, different facilities, plating equipment and different cultures will definitely come in handy。

I look forward to another adventure for all of us in the future!"

Ruud van den Boom, Director of Technology Center, Ammet Group

Our learning

At Ammet, we value and support employee development, so that colleagues can learn in any way, anytime, anywhere。This is critical to the growth of the company and the career development of employees。

We provide our employees with a full range of learning opportunities, including professional and personal development:

Security and Compliance

It is our commitment to create a safe working environment for our employees and customers。When it comes to compliance, we are strict and have a zero tolerance policy。To ensure that we meet these standards, we hold regular safety and compliance workshops and best practice sharing。

Technical training

We are willing to share our expertise with our clients so that they can achieve and even exceed their corporate goals。We pride ourselves on our first-class technical training programs。In addition to our in-house experience sharing workshops, we regularly hold seminars and presentations around the world for our customers and business partners to share the latest technologies and trends。

Behavior of course

Talent development is one of ammet's most important areas。We have developed a global learning and development curriculum for colleagues around the world。Provide customized behavioral courses on leadership and personal effectiveness based on personal development needs and goals。

Our life

Employees around the world celebrate ammet's 25th anniversary

In 2018, employees around the world gave full play to their creative ideas and organized activities to celebrate ammet's 25th anniversary。We specially make the wonderful and interesting video, invite you to enjoy together!