Berlin, Germany, March 9, 2021 -- Ammet (NYSE: ATC), a global provider of specialty chemical technologies and advanced electroplating solutions, today announced that its recently completed manufacturing facility in Yangzhou, China, is now fully operational。 The plant is Ammet's second chemical plant in China。 The opening of the Yangzhou plant will serve the large and growing electronics and general hardware markets in China, and add significant redundancy to the company's largest chemical production base in Guangzhou。

Geoff Wild, CEO of Ammet, said: "The Yangzhou Chemical Plant is an important milestone in our expansion in Asia。 It will become an important supply hub for our customers in Eastern China and will further enhance our overall competitiveness in our largest geographic market (China and beyond)。”

The state-of-the-art facility can accommodate 14 production lines with an annual capacity of 27,000 tonnes and is equipped with modern production features such as manufacturing execution systems and automatic filling systems to ensure the highest quality standards。

John Stephenson, Chief Operating Officer, commented: "With the new production facilities, Ammet will be able to significantly improve operational efficiencies, reduce transportation costs and further expand its presence in Asia。”

The Yangzhou plant recently passed strict government safety requirements for industrial production, received the necessary permits and has begun production。 In addition, at the Yangzhou plant, Ammet successfully adopted a new wastewater treatment method that combines precipitation, evaporation and biological treatment。 Emissions from the new process are well below industry levels。 Ammet's global waste management process concept is designed to protect the environment, employees and local communities。

George Yang, Vice President of Ammet Greater China, said, "We are very happy and proud of the achievement of creating a state-of-the-art factory。 What's more, the Yangzhou plant is located in a very strategic area of East China, where many customers have their production bases, enabling us to better serve themFor the service。”

Ammet has 17 manufacturing sites worldwide -- 8 in Asia, 5 in Europe and 4 in the Americas。 This state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures a close relationship with our customers, while delivering quality products in line with industry standards。


Ammet (NYSE: ATC) is a specialty chemicals technology company and a supplier of advanced electroplating solutions。 Ammett provides chemicals, equipment, software and services for innovative technology applications through comprehensive equipment systems and solutions。 Ammett's solutions are used in a wide range of end markets, including smartphones and other consumer electronics, communications infrastructure and computers, as well as in numerous industrial and consumer applications such as automotive, heavy machinery and home appliances。

Ammet is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with a team of more than 4,000 experts from over 40 countries and annual revenue of $1.2 billion (2020)。 Ammet has manufacturing operations throughout Europe, America and Asia。 With its innovative capabilities and outstanding global network of technology centers, Ammet provides ground-breaking solutions and excellent on-site technical support to more than 9,000 customers around the world。For more information about Ammett, visit 梅高美集团.com。


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