Berlin and LEOBen, October 20, 2021 -- Ammet (NYSE: ATC) and ATX (ATX: ATS) today announced a joint project aimed at reducing the energy consumption and optimizing the energy efficiency of the Ammet electroplating line used by Alters in the manufacturing process。

From a sustainability perspective, Oates and Ammett are leaders in their fields。 Oates is committed to actively leading change and setting ambitious climate targets, notably reducing carbon footprint and water consumption by 5% and 3% each year, respectively。 For decades, Ammett has been at the forefront of providing sustainable products with systems designed to reduce raw material, energy and water consumption for our customers。

Building on ammett's long-term commitment to innovation and sustainability, the company has recently expanded its potential into the development of industrial software solutions, including industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) applications。 As part of its partnership with Alters, Ammett will provide an innovative mix of IIOT software solutions and hardware optimizations that will enable Alters to reduce overall energy consumption and help them meet their climate goals。

"This partnership is a natural outgrowth of our shared strengths and goals。 This is a great example of our commitment to making a positive impact on our community and the overall environment, "said Geoff Wild, CEO of Ammet。
"Ammett is the only major surface treatment solutions company that provides chemicals, equipment, software and services based on a complete solution," Mr. Geoff Wild continued. "We are pleased to be able to provide a full range of solutions for Altos 。”

About Ammett

Ammett is a specialty chemicals technology company and a supplier of advanced electroplating solutions。 Ammett provides chemicals, equipment, software and services for innovative technology applications through comprehensive equipment systems and solutions。 Ammett's solutions are used in a wide range of end markets, including smartphones and other consumer electronics, communications infrastructure and computers, as well as in a wide range of task industries and consumer applications, such as automotive, heavy machinery and home appliances。

Ammet is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with a team of more than 4,000 experts from over 40 countries and annual revenue of $1.2 billion (2020)。 Ammet has manufacturing operations throughout Europe, America and Asia。 With its innovative capabilities and outstanding global network of technology centers, Ammett provides ground-breaking solutions and excellent on-site support to more than 9,000 customers worldwide。For more information about Ammett, please visit

About Otes

Alters is a leading global manufacturer of high-end printed circuit boards and semiconductor sealers。 Branches in Europe and Asia develop and produce high-tech solutions for its global partners, especially for applications in the fields of communications, computer and consumer electronics, mobile devices, industrial and medical technology。 Alters will continue to drive digital megatronds and deliver profitable growth in the years ahead。 To this end, Alters will strengthen vertical integration and work more closely with customers as a solution provider。

Autex is headquartered in Leoben, Austria and employs more than 11,000 people worldwide。

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