Life experience


The history of Ammett began in 1851 when Ernst Christian Schering founded Grune Apotheke (" Green Pharmacy ") in Berlin, Germany.。Twenty years later, Schering renamed Grune Apotheke Chemische Fabrik Auf Actien.。Before that, R. Cruickshank LTD. (later M&T Chemicals) began electroplating products in the UK。Schering started electroplating products in 1901。

The birth of Ammett

Since the 1970s, ammet has undergone several mergers and acquisitions。In 1977 Elf Aquitaine acquired M&T Chemicals (later Atochem) and 2 years later Schering Galvanotechnik acquired Chemcut USA, gaining expertise in horizontal circuit board processing。In 1980, McGean acquired R.O. Hull became a leader in electroplating and metal finishing technology。Finally, Atochem and Engelhard Corporation joined forces in 1991 to form M&T Harshaw company。

Ammet's creation and growth in Asia

In 1993 Elf Aquitaine incorporated its Elf Atochem M&The T Harshaw business was merged with the plating division of Schering to form Ammet。At that time, the new company became the world's largest electroplating company, annual revenue of 3.$7.5 billion, 1,600 employees。By the mid-1990s, Ammett was expanding in Europe and Asia。The company has established unique local technology r&d centers in important markets around the world, especially in Asia, which enables the business to grow more rapidly。In 2000, Ammett began its semiconductor business。Elf Aquitaine merged with Totalfina a year later, officially changing its name to Totalfina Elf, and again to Total in May 2003.。

Ammet became an independent enterprise

Ammett's business expansion continues unabated. In addition to building more technology centers, in 2010, ammett opened its first cleanroom manufacturing facility in Neuruppin, Germany。In addition, Ammett also focuses on green product development and maintains a leading position in sustainable electroplating technology。In 2012, Ammet launched the Multiplate® brand electroplating equipment line。In 2017, Total sold Ammet, making it an independent business。

2020: Ammet expands its software capabilities

In 2020, Ammet acquired Visutech Plating, a leading developer of software for process control and automation systems used in electroplating and chemical processing equipment, including many products produced by Ammet。 The acquisition is part of Ammet's strategy to expand its digitization capabilities, accelerate product development times, build its software-based business model and become a more important solution provider to its customers。

2021: Ammet completes its IPO and becomes a public company

February 4, 2021 the day Ammet officially becomes a public company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ATC。 The company is trading at 17 per share.29.3 million common shares were sold at a price of $00。 As a public company, Ammett has greater flexibility to implement strategic investments to improve its technology, optimize its infrastructure and expand its service capabilities。

Looking to the future

Today, Ammett is the market leader in electroplating technology with 4,000 employees worldwide and annual sales of more than $1.2 billion。We continue to realize our vision, establish ourselves as a leading supplier of surface treatment solutions, and strive to become one of the most respected specialty chemicals companies in the world。At every turn, we have moved forward with pioneer spirit, engineering passion and technological leadership toward our vision。