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Leading brand of specialty chemical technology

Specialized special chemical technology company,It is also a supplier of advanced electroplating solutions,Specialty chemicals, equipment, services and software,Meet the needs of different end markets,These include smartphones and other consumer electronics, communications infrastructure and computers,And numerous business domains and consumer applications,Such as automobiles, heavy machinery and household appliances。We continue to invest in research and development activities to provide the latest sustainable products。Through continuous research and development and a global network of technology centers, we provide our customers with innovative products and unparalleled on-site support services -- making us the most valuable partner to our customers。

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Global leader in surface treatment solutions

We create surfaces: complex yet innovative, decorative or functional, critical functional applications or everyday life -- now and every day in the future。

An overview of Ammet

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$1.2 billion, a compound annual growth rate of 5% since 1994


Development innovation

It has nearly 2,300 active patents (granted and pending), of which 1,900 relate to chemical processes and 400 relate to equipment


International enterprise

Ammet operates in more than 40 countries, with 15 technical centers, 15 chemical plants and 2 equipment plants


Diverse team

Ammet is a team of 4,000 experts around the world


Industry pioneer

Ammet has been at the forefront of the chemical and electroplating industry for more than 100 years


Broad customer base

Ammet serves more than 9,000 customers worldwide

* As at 31 December 2020

Our core business

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Fasteners, heavy machinery, hydraulic rods, window frames, as well as electronic systems


Shower heads, faucets, and fittings

Consumer electronics

TVs, smart home systems, audio/visual entertainment

Communication infrastructure

Servers, data centers, 5G base stations, cloud computing, big data applications


Chairs, table legs, and lamps

Automotive electronics

Engine control unit, ICE powertrain, info/entertainment, assisted driving (ADAS), electronic powertrain

Automotive surface finishing

Front grills, door handles, emblems, decorative trim components, brake calipers, fasteners, shock absorber rods, valve systems


Laptops, PCs, tablets, displays, game consoles

Mobile devices

Smartphones, wearables, VR/AI gadgets

Household appliances

Washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens

Wind energy


Solar energy

Solar cells

Solar energy

Solar cells


EV and electronic batteries, energy storage
Industry and Construction

Fasteners, heavy machinery hydraulic rods, window frames and electronic systems

Sanitary products

Shower, faucet and accessories

Consumer electronics

TV sets, smart home systems, video/visual entertainment equipment

Communication infrastructure

Servers, data centers, 5G access points, cloud computing, big data applications


Chairs, table legs and lamps

Automotive electronics

Engine control components, ICE powertrain, Information/entertainment equipment, ADAS, electronics
The transmission system


Exhaust grille, door handle, logo, decorative panel assembly, brake calipers, fasteners, shock absorption
Rod and valve system

The computer

Laptops, PCS, tablets, monitors, game controllers

Mobile devices

Smart phones, wearable devices, VR/AI accessories


Washing machine, refrigerator and oven

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Our technology and service center

From r&d to prototyping for customers

Our unique portfolio of chemicals, equipment and services makes us a comprehensive system solutions provider。With the support of 16 state-of-the-art technology centers, it can respond to customers' needs immediately and provide local services to global customers。

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We serve customers in more than 40 countries around the world。There are 15 technical centers, 15 chemical plants and 2 equipment factories。

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