Applied to electrons and

Advanced electroplating chemicals for surface treatment

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梅高美集团 is committed to becoming a global leader in surface treatment solutions and one of the most respected specialty chemicals companies in the world。Our products are used in circuit boards, advanced packaging, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic components, aerospace and automotive industries。

Since 1997, we have been deeply engaged in Taiwan market, serving local customers nearby。A total of 4 business service points have been established,It contains one manufacturing centre and two 'Advanced Technology R&D Centres' and' Metal Surface Advanced Technology R&D Centres'.,There is an analytical laboratory inside,Material laboratory and several electroplating experimental lines,And according to OEM requirements to carry out quality and reliability testing,Plus regularly provide customers with new technology education and training,For Taiwan customers to provide more complete and timely and diversified systematic technical services。

Atto focuses on safety, ethics and environmental sustainability。At the same time through a variety of certification to fully demonstrate the thorough implementation of industrial safety and health, environmental protection, strengthening excellent quality management business philosophy, and commitment to actively committed to the development and promotion of green technology, for the sustainable development of the industry we serve to set a model。

Four service points

  • Taipei, Taoyuan, Kaohsiung

Two technology research and development centers

  • Guanyin, Kaohsiung

200 多名

  • Professional service personnel

"Atto technology is committed to being the best partner for customers around the world, providing advanced, environmentally friendly products and technical solutions that include equipment and chemicals。”

James Tsai
Managing Director 梅高美集团 Taiwan

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Main office
  • Sales office

梅高美集团 Taiwan Limited
4F., No. 285
Sec. 3 Nanjing E. Rd.
Taipei 10550

Tel.: +886 2 2717 6868
Fax.: +886 2 2713 2732

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  • Sales office

梅高美集团 Taiwan Limited
5F., No. 15
Jingguo Rd.
Taoyuan City 33050

Tel.: +886 3 356 2468
Fax.: +886 3 357 2585

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  • TechCenter Customer support lab

梅高美集团 Taiwan Limited
No. 12, Bengong 5th Rd., Gangshan Dist.
Environmental Science Technology Park
Kaohsiung City 82059

Tel.: +886 7 624 8168
Fax.: +886 7 624 8989

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Key Contacts/Key Contacts

Metal finish GMF
Hannah Lee
Phone: +886 2 2717 6868 #303

Electronic Business Division EL
Bennia Lee
Phone: +886 3 356 2468 # 501

Guanyin ATC Guanyin ATC
Casper Hsieh
Phone: +886 3 438 9788 # 601

Semiconductor SC
Bobby Chen
Phone: +886 3 356 2468 # 950

Kaohsiung RESEARCH and Development Center Kaohsiung ATC
嫊 Ting (Tina Kung)
Phone: +886 7 624 8168 # 700

Ring develop HES
Rosa Kuo
Phone: +886 3 438 9788 # 881

Human Resource administrative HR
Alice Chen
Phone: +886 2 2717 6868 # 113



  • TechCenter Electronics
  • Chemistry production

梅高美集团 Taiwan Limited
11, Jingjian 2nd Rd.
Guanyin Industrial Park
Taoyuan County 32853

Tel.: +886 3 438 9788
Fax.: +886 3 438 9792

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